My name is Kendra Brill, and I'm the Founder / Designer of CHAR-COAL Women's Contemporary Workwear-Streetwear.
From the time I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was design. However, when I launched CHAR-COAL I was in my 40's and one mission became clear: I wanted to show women that you can still have that little bit of edge -- and never age out.
Sometimes the world implies to us that-- " that little bit of street cool" is no longer for us -- not true. I say a confident woman who knows who she is wears it better. And yes! -- you can have it at work, out with your kids, on date night, traveling or running errands. 
Working as a professional in finance, I always had my own sense of personal style & I never felt like I needed to mute it -- even at work. When CHAR-COAL was started I decided I wanted to deliver that sensibility to other women and empower them to Claim Your Edge -- because it's in you.
At CHAR-COAL we deliver collectible & complimentary pieces that can be worn as separates or together. Each piece of a Capsule Collection empowers you with a smart, feminine-edge and subtle sophistication, with a touch of 'street' --so you can build your own personal style. And when you start your collection, take note of our finish details and materials -- because our pieces are transitional, so wear them from work to weekend and season to season. 
Claim Your Edge -- your inner badass will thank you.

X - Kendra