Working With the RIGHT-GREAT People

I can't say that I have always been the "right-great" person for others -- in my own work or business. I can honestly reflect back on some of the earlier times when I was kind of 'manic & all over the place.' I have said that trying to start a company while working is like lassoing Boulders & Butterflies (you get the image). I own that, and regret the experience that others may have had. BUT - now, I feel like I am slowly earning a place, after a long trip of hard work, where I am finding the "right-great" people, who operate like soft partners.

I am keenly aware as we launch CHAR-COAL (and let me not kid you, the only f/t employee is me) that it is largely working because I have found the Right People: total professionals at their core skill, incredibly focused, invested & consistent, but amenable; and Great People: willing to communicate -- even on the tough stuff, we like each other- genuinely, and don't take themselves too seriously, except when it comes to their work -- that they take seriously. 

Here's to the Right-Great People here at CHAR-COAL. Thank you for who you are & what you do.

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