What's With These Sneakers?

I am offering this up if you are potentially the 101st woman who wants to know where to get these sneakers, because I have been asked so many times it's uncanny.

And it doesn't matter her Age, Style or Geographic Location. I have been stopped over and over and now have 3 friends / sisters who now own them after asking...

Most Recently -
...my husband and I pulled into Brevard, NC for our mountain biking vacation. We hit this cool mountain biking shop / beer bar (yes, that's right!) and this cool group of women riders were hanging out post-ride and I knew by their gear (and my out of place city style) that they were waaay cooler than I was.

BUT - as they were leaving, one runs over and says 'had to tell you -- cute shoes, where did you get them?' Dammit - again!

BEST PART OF THE STORY: (& most embarrassing)
These are the sneakers I was wearing when I jumped off THIS LOADING DOCK outside our factory. Yea, I know...I know. Let's just say 1 ACL repair later I have learned my lesson.

SO...in the spirit of 'credit where credit is due' (especially for other Creatives) I offer a link to them if you like them; just click the sneaker above. 

They are also great with our Creme Vertical Sweatshirt Dress above and our new Spring Line, which arrives any day now...

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