National Entrepreneurs Day

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When I first started my apparel brand, I was very hard on myself because I thought I should have a whole plan mapped out from day one. I thought I should just sit down, model it out & go!  Working in angel investments, this is what we do and what we expect from fellow entrepreneurs.  Needless to say, this didn't happen and it gave me increasing angst. Finally I made a mayday phone call to a wise friend who worked with me in the angel investment space. 

When we hopped on the phone, I started by describing how I was feeling.  I admitted that I had been spending most of my time reacting and chasing things as they came: designing, sourcing, attempting to plan, etc. In a nutshell, I felt like all I was doing was 'corralling boulders and butterflies."  My modus operandi was to just react and do, like triage work in a fog of big things I needed to nail down (my business model, my target market, my sales channels) and intangibles I had to get my head around (like designing, creating & new things I didn't understand). By the time we spoke, I felt like an incompetent cowboy trying to net butterflies while gathering big & heavy stones.

My wise friend said: so what. Yea! - so what. She said "look, you are starting a business that is also a manufacturing and designing business. You have not done this before so you will have to just spend some time feeling your way until you get those tangibles and intangibles figured out, THEN you can model it." Wow, she was absolutely right. I had to give myself permission to 'wing it' for a bit until I figured it out. 

Today is National Entrepreneurs Day & we salute all entrepreneurs, especially women -- who start something & keep find one & give them a  pat on the shoulder for starting and finding their way. #claimyouredge #nationalentrepreneursday

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