LIFE HACK at 48: Permed Lashes - (what ?!)

 Right out of the gate I should come clean on 2 fronts:

#1 – I’m not great with make-up (or hair for that matter). Despite being a designer, I often feel like I’m in high school, imitating all the new hair & make up tricks I see, and failing.

#2 – I have No Lashes. No really, about 3 years ago they were falling out in whole strips and my eyes were irritated. My Sister would laugh because I had ‘white spaces’ on my top eyelid where lashes should go. Turns out I developed a later life allergy to most eye make-up & mascara. (now resolved)

So, as a woman who grew up in the 80s, I came to love the eyelash curler but have never been terribly successful with it, and still wanted better (easier).

I considered some great lash-grow remedies but I am cautious because of the allergy issue (and am not great at sticking to these things).

At one point, I had lashes ‘installed’ by an amazing guru who came to my studio right before my wedding. I had asked for ‘as natural as possible’, so she ordered my ‘natural girl lashes’ and they were great-- she was great. BUT – they only lasted 2-3 weeks, and I DID actually have a bit of itching from them (even w/ hypoallergenic glue).

 Then comes the PERMED LASH Treatment. (called Lash Lift at

 My boss’ wife (I work f/t in Venture Capital), who is an amazing cosmetic surgeon offered to have me try what she calls – baby doll lashes with Kasey (one of her estheticians).

 so… Last Friday I went, and after the most comfortable 40 minute appointment, with a very cool woman (Kasey), I walked out with MY OWN LASHES NATURALLY & PERMANENTLY CURLED. I love them, and they’re mine.

 Kasey told me 3 key things:

#1 – don’t wash for 24 hours (no problem!)

#2 – I cannot use waterproof mascara (done!)

#3 they last 6-8 weeks! (yes, that’s right) & only because that’s when the fall out.

What?! – I’m in.

Also, she normally Tints them for her clients, but we held off because of the eye sensitivity. 

I am Thrilled. Since then, I have felt compelled during the day to wear a little contouring make up, lip stick and mascara, and that’s it.

At 48, I feel both natural & girlie at the same time, even in just a T Shirt.

(this is our new VERTICAL T SHIRT, coming soon!)

 Gonna be loving these, especially for summer…



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