The Ultimate Hack for Full Lashes 2.0

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The Ultimate Hack for Full Lashes 2.0 😉

I HAD to share this Lash Hack because it has finally given me full lashes-- that stand all day, without using an eyelash curler and without treatments like a lash perm. (aka- this was the lash lift I used to do -mentioned in a previous blog)! 😉

For quick background-- I lost most of my lashes about a year ago, leaving my eyelids bald. I’d been losing them partially, on/ off for the last 10 years (plus other symptoms) but this time my tops lids were essentially bald. Yes, bald! (LOL) I pursued several causes --including a friend (and physician) who insisted “sleep with socks on your hands”. (WHAT?!) She was shooting in the dark just in case I had something called: Trichotillomania. I did not have Trichotillomania. I also never did put socks on my hands before bed…

 Finally, last year we figured out my lash issue was extreme dry eye. This is irrelevant to this story, but just in case anyone else has struggled with this, thought I would mention…

Bottom line – some hot compresses & good drops, my lashes grew back, but I was never going back to eyelash curlers. I also used Lash Boost given to me by a friend which was a life saver!  My lashes grew full & FAST! See how to reach her here:

About that time, I discovered this trick.

 This trick is SO good, that I drove over to see my nieces (in a mask) and watched them borderline-roll-their-eyes at the notion that I thought I had a makeup trick they didn’t know--and guess what, they didn’t! They were amazed and hooked – and I left them with the supplies needed as I walked out the cool aunt.


Why is it so good? 

To be clear, I have NO affiliation with this woman Katie or her site. I only stumbled on it and have found her information to be unbelievably helpful. Although I am the least fan of pink (which you will see all over her site) I think she is excellent and so are her recommendations. I like her very much and hope you find this useful.

Why am I sharing this?

  1. Women supporting women and paying kudos to a woman doing something she loves, well. (Rising tide…all boats.)
  2. Just as I would with my sisters or friends or nieces – if I see a great product or something really helpful to you, why not share it?

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