How I Wear It: 3 Great Long Cardigan Looks

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I don't know about you, but I love the look of a long cardigan sweater.

It has that chic, long jacket look with the bonus of a cozy feel. However, a long cardigan for women is best when it's not TOO long. If it's too long, I feel a bit like a little girl in my moms clothes & even a bit sloppy. So, to start...I always recommend a medium-length, long cardigan which means it hits anywhere between the hips & the knees.

(Psst! - And btw! - medium length works for any height!)

So, let's get to it!

There are 3 great, UNIQUE WAYS to wear a long cardigan sweater: To illustrate,  we're going to use our medium-length Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan to show these looks because it snaps closed which offers more versatility. 

#1: The STREET Cardigan Look is the most common. It's the one you see worn in a boho-chic style to an edgier or even more conservative style. The trick here is to be comfortable but to look good doing it. So-- any slim jean or legging + a good ankle book will do the trick. If your cardigan closes, even better - because you can wear it with a T-Shirt or easy blouse. If not, just a good, wide waist belt to make it work. No matter how tall you are, this look works!

#2: The ELEGANT Cardigan Look is such a timeless & beautiful look but less common. The best way to make a long cardigan sweater elegant is to pair it with a pair of wide leg slacks. The trick to this look is to pick a cardigan that gives a little shape -- which means it tapers a bit in the waist and shows curves, otherwise it the look can be too oversized. The CHAR-COAL Boyfriend Cardigan is sculpted to give that 'boyfriend look' but show shape. Add a low, ankle boot or a great pair of heels to this & a great blouse and go! 

#3: The CHIC SCHOOL Cardigan Look is not just for school girls. Smart-chic is always a sexy, but understated look, at any age and a great medium-length cardigan is easy and keeps you warm wherever you go. Throw on your favorite pencil skirt and a T-Shirt or any blouse with this look and you're set. This look allow for any shoe at all: an ankle boot, a high boot, a great heel or buck with a heel, even a wedge sneaker! The world is your oyster. 

Need a good, (medium-length) long cardigan for work or weekends?

Check out the CHAR-COAL Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan here. 

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And whatever you do, CLAIM YOUR EDGE. 

X- Kendra


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