Designing Through Your Doubts

I gotta be honest. I LOVE designing & producing, and it has great rewards, but like anything where you put yourself out there -- it comes with moments of insecurity and self-doubt. Do people like it? Do people get it? Am I designing for me? Am I designing for my customer? Does she want Statements from me, or Staples from me? I try to use the blog as a place to be transparent -- and work this stuff out in the open. (it's okay to eyeball roll me here if you're looking for something funnier -- but those will come!)

These questions are always there, and part of the personal & business process. Look -- I buy clothes too (though less and less since we launched -- I gotta conserve resources!). For instance, right now -- the world is rich with that California Bohemian look -- which is so carefree and romantic. I love it, but I love all design. 

Ultimately, I think it boils down to something my friend Harvey told me almost 3 or 4 years ago over coffee (hope he sees this!) He said: "your job is to do you, do what you would design, then find out how big that market is, and build a business to that." Honestly - the soundest advice I ever got about developing our aesthetic. Thanks Harvey. :)

I do know, also, that when my customers interact with our products, try them on, etc. -- they totally get it. And I am grateful and amazed that these women are not any age or even type: some are preppy, some are chic, some are 20s & 30s, many are 45 or even 50 or 60 and up. I am grateful to every one of them that made me feel like we are on to something. Your encouragement means more than you know.

Ultimately, self-doubt and insecurity is part of the process, and the best thing we can do is let in whatever it's trying to teach us, because it often forces us to expand our viewpoint -- but remember to stay on YOUR path. You do you.


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