Coatigans - The Big Hype

Likely by now you've heard of a Coatigan-- or a women's coatigan sweater?

No? If not, you're not alone.

Initially, those of us who dived into remote work meetings scrambled to satisfy Phase 1 of the WFH craze:  the Zoom Blouse.

The Zoom blouse was that great blouse you could throw on over your sports bra & sweatpants and look 'dressed & ready' for your next, virtual meeting. I had one friend take this to such a level that she perpetually searched for great blouses and great sweatpants online, as though this was her new uniform. She revealed the combo to me one day and I found this quite funny. "Why not just throw on your jeans," I questioned? But no - she was committed.

On the heels of the Zoom blouse came Phase 2-- the Coatigan. For ease of use, here is the definition from Macmillan: COATIGAN, n. -  a long jacket with long sleeves which is worn over other clothes and looks similar to a coat.

This may be the technical definition, but this piece is basically a great cardigan that is also a bit like a coat.  I have to admit, when we were planning our Fall Line my pattern digitizer emailed me and said, "Oh! A Coatigan in the fall line!" Huh? Honestly, I didn't even remark about it until it struck me later that she was referring to our Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan (or should I say Coatigan).

Want to read more about trends in pandemic workwear? Check out this link from the NY Times:

Need a great Coatigan for WFH or just FH? 

Check out the CHAR-COAL Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan.

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