T Shirt Dress- Stretch Silk

This dress has a story. This one is truly a rabbit we pulled out of a hat.

Since my old line "Kendra", I have held on to this blouse we did out of this amazing stretch silk charmeuse; it's buttery, it's light, and yes - it stretches with your body. We did these awesome "t shirts" for work, because I think a t shirt with your suit is cool - and this still kept it casual, but stepped it up. We are talking Fall 2011, and I still wear them all the time.

I always thought, 'one day - I'm gonna make this into a dress that I can wear with some cool biker boots. I can throw on a belt and 'casual it up', or wear it as is, with any other shoe for work. Always had it in mind - never did it.

As we began to launch our first PRE ORDER and launch the official site, I had a totally different dress -- ready to go. I don't know what it was (though those around me can tell you 5 different reasons I mentioned), but it just never felt right. PLUS - I thought, our customers will get this in early September: they're back to work, it's still hot (frankly - through October anymore), they're a bit tanned, and it's so great to wear "fall clothes" that time of year. 

My pattern maker and I switched gears, and literally sent this dress back and forth, perfecting the fit -- turning it around for one another within 10 days (she is outside NYC)....and BAM!-- it came out perfectly. The T Shirt Dress was born, and the stretch silk charmeuse never disappoints.  I have already worn mine 3x (I get the early bird).

This - I predict - will be one of our staples.

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  • oonagh on

    will you ever redo this stretch silk dress?

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