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Designing Through Your Doubts

I gotta be honest. I LOVE designing & producing, and it has great rewards, but like anything where you put yourself out there -- it comes with moments of insecurity and self-doubt. Do people like it? Do people get it? Am I designing for me? Am I designing for my customer? Does she want Statements from me, or Staples from me? I try to use the blog as a place to be transparent -- and work this stuff out in the open. (it's okay to eyeball roll me here if you're looking for something funnier -- but those will come!)...

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AUG. 1, 2018 - TShirt Dress- Stretch Silk

This dress has a story. This one is truly a rabbit we pulled out of a hat. Since my old line "Kendra", I have held on to this blouse we did out of this amazing stretch silk charmeuse; it's buttery, it's light, and yes - it stretches with your body. We did these awesome "t shirts" for work, because I think a t shirt with your suit is cool - and this still kept it casual, but stepped it up. We are talking Fall 2011, and I still wear them all the time. I always thought, 'one day - I'm...

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Working With the RIGHT-GREAT People

I can't say that I have always been the "right-great" person for others -- in my own work or business. I can honestly reflect back on some of the earlier times when I was kind of 'manic & all over the place.' I have said that trying to start a company while working is like lassoing Boulders & Butterflies (you get the image). I own that, and regret the experience that others may have had. BUT - now, I feel like I am slowly earning a place, after a long trip of hard work, where I am finding the "right-great"...

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